so i finished “real sex” by lauren winner

i figured out that was the first book i had finished since “zen and the art of motocycle maintenance”… which was june 16th

yeah. gotta work on that.




one more thing today before i call it quits

i’m going to try, because it’s something a good portion of my blogging buddies take interest in, to synthesize my ideas about the emerging church and my ideas on it
i’ll say first i’m no overly trained theologian, but i’m willing to be lacerated (Fr. Hopko’s well stated point) by the Bible and by the movements theology to figure it out

but i have more reading and discussing to do.

if you’d like a decent idea of the movement, go here:

my gut feeling, without the benefit of much reading and research, is that it’s a necessary movement, one that should wake some of the mainline churches out of their comfort zones, one that is pushing ecumenicalism that is not only necessary, but very openly taught in Scripture (Jesus being with the Samarian woman, Paul clearly saying in Romans and Galations that we’re under a new law beyond Jew and Gentile). however, there’s a part of me that fears it may be too culture and experience driven, to the point where “a generous orthodoxy” becomes nothing more than “a free-for-all orthodoxy”

in other words, i’m worried we could be becoming so open minded our theological brains may fall out.

look for things from me, and if you don’t care about it, i’ll make sure to talk about nothing on a regular basis, too.



sorry it’s been awhile

i’ve been listening to a tribe called quest (thanks nakis), and here is my “adam anderson mixtape i”:

i still have to determine track listings, but 20 songs that would need to be on my sweetest album (obviously i have to include my list artists):

1. the roots – thought@work
2. ben folds – you to thank
3. sufjan stevens – holland
4. ben harper – ground on down
5. john coltrane – lush life
6. yoko kanno – piano black
7. kanye west – get ’em high (feat talib)
8. jay-z – heart of the city (unplugged – hot dang the roots in the background)
9. radiohead – pyramid song
10. coldplay – God put a smile upon your face
11. weezer – el scorcho
12. zero 7 – give it away
13. justin mcroberts – holy ground (live at gcc)
14. common – go!
15. diana krall – peel me a grape
16. john mayer – st. patrick’s day
17. a tribe called quest – award tour
18. ozomatli – saturday night
19. u2 – discotheque
20. kings of convenience – sorry or please

the thing about that listing is there’s plenty of artists that mean something to me that aren’t there: wynton marsalis, jamiroquai, jamie cullum, jack johnson, g love, harry connick jr, and hootie and the blowfish just to name six.

i suppose that’s why you can make more than one mixtape, eh?

lindsay kahl – hurry up so i can send you a mixtape! i want to tap your musical awarness and genius!


music round 3

in case any forgot what i look like, here i am as of today, before making dinner for friends (notice my happiness):

my hair is longer, i’m growing a beard, and i look slightly muscular

watching the game with lindsey and nick, then duty, then sleep, then church, then maybe a program, then frisbee, then who knows.


i’m not one to really mock folks…

…but this is way to easy…

this is from robert goulet’s webpage, and makes me laugh every single time:

December 8, 1999

Many years ago, when I was in the B’Way musical “Camelot”, I was occasionally allowed a leave of absence to travel to L.A. to appear on important TV show – :Lucille Ball, Bob Hope Specials, the Academy Awards etc…, and on one occasion, for reasons I cannot remember – I had to do two days of seemingly constant radio, Television and press interviews.

Earlier, that last day, I had been interviewed by a charming young man named ‘Stanley Applebaum’. When at last, I was stepping into my limo to (take me away from the fray), leave – one last question was fired at me (amidst a horde of writers and photographers), asking if my real name was Robert Goulet! Exhausted, yet seemingly holding on to a tentative sense of humor – I answered – “No, it’s Stanley Applebaum!” I thought it was humorous & knew that the Stanley would think so as well but suddenly the press seemed to find a seam on which to stitch a by-line. My manager, my lawyer & accountant, my P.R. man were all Jewish & not really having ever had any in-depth conversations with me, called each other to say –: “He’s one of us!”

Now — had I been born a jew, I would never had denied that fact. But, I was born into French Roman Catholic home in Lawrence, Mass., and my real name is Robert Gerard Goulet. I do have a strange sense of humor, and didn’t intend to insult anyone. So please — laugh with me.

Robert Goulet

my favorite line, hands down is “exhausted, yet seemingly holding on to a tentative sense of humor”
what is that?

anyway, dear robert, this is a dedication to you.


revised new years resolution

to give 2006 to God

all of it

everything else is too narrow

losing weight? give it to God
do better in my job? give it to God
find the love of my life? give it to God

it’s time to shut up and put up

and ps katie (i’m putting this here so anyone who reads will see this):

thanks. again, i feel like i need to do the same thing
and i think your n.y.r. is one of the best

take my hand when you are worried
take my hand when you’re alone
take my hand and let me guide you
take my hand to lead you home


smyth got me to buy the new derek webb album, and said he was “feisty”

if you, as a discriminating listener of music, want an artist that is going to get at the heart of the Jesus’ gospel, this is great

d webb is also a lot less whiny in his timbre, which is why i didn’t really like cademon’s call or his early stuff

here’s a lyric for you:

rich young ruler

poverty is so hard to see
when it’s only on your tv and twenty miles across town
where we’re all living so good
that we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhood
where he’s hungry and not feeling so good
from going through our trash
he says, more than just your cash and coin
i want your time, i want your voice
i want the things you just can’t give me

so what must we do
here in the west we want to follow you
we speak the language and we keep all the rules
even a few we made up
come on and follow me
but sell your house, sell your suv
sell your stocks, sell your security
and give it to the poor
what is this, hey what’s the deal
i don’t sleep around and i don’t steal
i want the things you just can’t give me

because what you do to the least of these
my brothers, you have done it to me
because i want the things you just can’t give me


i wanted to steal this from ian kane’s blog… it actually is equivalent to what i’ve been thinking as well about 2006:

As far as 2006 goes, I must say that I have high expectations. I’ve dubbed this year “The Year of Deeper Newness”. I’m not even sure what I mean by this exactly. The feelings I have when I hear the phrase are akin to the feelings one gets while listening to a song which embodies a fantastic amount of meaning. The past several years of my life have been like setting up a chess board. It seems that all the pieces are now in place. In fact they may have been set for some time now. But I’ve been afraid to move a piece. Moving a piece means commitment. Moving a piece means embracing the adulthood (read “summer of life”) that my existence now embodies. Moving a piece means moving forward, not back. And sometimes, just sometimes, I’m afraid how the game will play out.

i feel like this is a breakout year. i think it’s because when i was younger, i could never picture 23, and later on this year 24. it seemed so foreign. and now, indeed, i’m on those threshholds. i have a full time job. i have insurance. i pay into a 401(k) (well, 403(b), but y’know… whatever), and i can define my life on my own terms. and that is scary.

the pieces are set. it’s my move, and i need to decide how to play this game


list 2b – relationship songs

so there’s a couple of songs that defined some of my relationships, and i wanted to share them

savage garden – i knew i loved you
britney spears – all i need is time
john mayer – comfortable
boyz ii men – end of the road
ben folds – landed

…that looks like a 12 year old boy on the edge of musical pubescence.


round #2 of adam’s essentials

here’s another set of folks (no longer in any order)…

yoko kanno – this is one that I’d say 95% of the folks who read this journal won’t know. yoko is mostly known for her work in anime and the japan gaming industry, and more specifically cowboy bebop, which if you’ve never watched and would like to understand anime, it’s a great start. in any case, she brings a sense of traditional jazz and a sophisticated experimental style into places where one doesn’t expect them, and it creates (at least in the sense of cowboy bebop) a sense of realism that isn’t prevalent in a world dominated with pokemon anime ripoffs. critical tracks: piano black (cowboy bebop ost); time to know (future blues); tank! (cowboy bebop ost)

kanye west – excluding those awfully stupid remarks he made after katrina, kanye west is a new face for hip hop. i am always upset by the death culture hip-hop generates, because it’s detracted from the music and how actually good it is. his last album, late registration, was produced by jon brion, who is mostly famous for his work with fiona apple, and who’s all about aural overload. and while with fiona that can sometimes wear one out while listening, with kanye, it only bolsters his rapping ability, turning his voice into an instrument. and that’s not to say kanye himself does not have the sensibility (alicia keys, jay-z, john legend, twista, mariah carey, talib kweli), but brion took his thought to another level. critical tracks: gone (late registration); get ’em high (feat talib kweli) (the college dropout); jay-z’s lucifer (the black album); a. keys you don’t know my name (diary of alicia keys)

jay-z – the thing about jay-z is his entrepreneurial gifts and his ability to define what i think mainstream rap should sound like. i’m so tired of that eminem garbage that taking samples that are really nothing more than an eight year old hitting triads on a keyboard. jay-z has taken that exact garbage and reworked it, making clean and straight. what jay-z does especially well is work with multiple producers – from the stacatto vibes of pharrell williams and n.e.r.d. to kanye to dre to just blaze, it’s good music. and then you throw in roc-a-fella and everything sprung successfully from that, how can you not give him some credit? critical tracks: ain’t no love (mtv unplugged (w/the roots!!!)); encore (black album); i just wanna love u (the dynasty…)

radiohead – i love radiohead for how they make me feel. radiohead is an experience. and when you listen through the majority of their catalogue (pablo honey, ok computer, hail to the thief), there’s a progression that, while different each time, is unmistakably radiohead. i think another thing i like about the band is the lead singer thom yorke’s ability to glide all sorts of directions in his voice. in songs like pyramid song that is so empty, it’s hauntingly beautiful. adding that to the electronic overtones and the more-catchy-than-not songwriting ability, you do indeed have an experience. critical tracks: pyramid song (amnesiac); 2+2=5 (hail to the theif); paranoid andriod (ok computer)

i had a tough time picking between #5 of set 2 and #1 of set 3, but i picked:

coldplay – the reasoning behind it for me was because i think coldplay music has been with me longer, and i have enjoyed it longer than #1 in set 3 (coming soon). coldplay is a band (much like radiohead) that plays like you discovered them. you feel like a musical genius because somehow, you stumbled upon this band that cares about the music, cares about progressive politics, and then you realize that they were in the top 20 of concert sales this year. and while sometimes i feel they might be slightly over-polished, there’s an energy that comes out in their sound. there’s a drive in the guitar (especially in a song like shiver) that drives the music along, and makes you feel like they’re playing for you, in your own apartment, which i feel is a good indicator of a good band. if one can feel like it’s music that could be played just as well in the confines of your own house, it’s good music. critical tracks: shiver (parachutes); God put a smile upon your face (a rush of blood to the head); twisted logic (x&y)


i’m going to write a more in depth “end of year/beginning of year” entry when i get back to school and have a lan to operate from

but, two things to tide you over

1 – this has been a year that saw my highest highs and lowest lows i believe i’ve ever had. this only leaves me to believe that i am, indeed, growing up

2 – my resolution is to simplify my life in all ways

peaceandlove until later