First ai gig of the the year tonite!

I’m really looking forward to it. Travis is out doing some work and I’m here kinda just relaxing before getting ready to get started. Got an American Audio catalog. My plan is to do some DJ work on the the side this summer along with my normal work (hopefully a nice paid internship where I’m wearing a shirt and tie and looking all professional). Downside is that costs money… and I have to try to conserve enough and plan my birthdays and Christmas in such a way as to get everything for May. I’m stoked about it though. It’d be fun and I’d be making a few hundred on the weekends.

79% on the Management test, though the more I talk to people I hear that’s a great start. I asked about a particular essay question on my test, and we’ll see if I can get a couple more points from that. Honestly, just being able to say I’m in B range would make me happy.

Also, I’m going to get 10 bonus points for writing a summary… and if I don’t the the extra points on the test as it is… those points will pull me to an 85, which I’m completely okay with. I really want to keep all my grades and an 85 and higher. That way a good final will blast all of ’em up.

Anywho, gonna go and do some stuff… catch you all later, and for those of you on campus… 10:00, Coffee Grove!


Sleepy time

Just wanted to say nite-nite to all.

Today was an encouraging day. I saw a lot of people feel God, and God’s prescence was all over. But, more tomorrow. Suffice it to say I’m going to sleep happy.

Update on the test…

I think I did all right. It wasn’t as easy I wish it had been, but you know… first test with my prof, first test as a biznass major. The more I do it, the more it feels like second nature… and to be honest, I feel that this is where I’m supposed to be, so a bump here and there aren’t going to kill me.

The rest of the day invlolves going downtown to the post office so I can sell my inverter from ebay. That makes me happy, of course. Then it’s perhaps a frisbee game at 6. Otherwise, I’m getting down-diggity with marketing. Business Law test on Thursday. I also have to write my Bible Study for tomorrow. Lately I’ve felt like I was on shaky groud with my faith, so I feel like writing this stuff is a way for me to explore everything that’s been going on in my life too. It’s not a bad way to work with God – write Bible Studies… because not only are you helping someone who might be in the same spot with you, but you can also figure things out.

Anyway, I’m out.

One more thing:

I got this off of Nancy’s LJ… I thought it was great, and how true it is.

Let me list some other things I am thankful for today: (attempting to focus upon good things ;))
-Love of friends and family
-Beautiful music, harmonies, melodies
-Guitar music
-Kiki (my aforementioned plant ;)) (Mine is named Stick… thank you Nancy)
-My beautiful sister
-Pink roses
-Fresh fruit
-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
-The ability to sing praises to, talk to, listen to God
-Religious freedom
-Movies that make you laugh every time you watch them
-Post-it notes
-Flip flops
-That it only costs $.37 to mail a letter to a treasured friend
-People who ask, “How are you?” and really mean it
-Hamburgers and french fries
-Playing football
-Nalgene water bottles (you can’t break ’em!!! ;))
-Blistex Lip Medex in a blue pot (I’m really all about Carmex, but I’ll deal with Blistex)
-Different languages
-Dried flowers
-Romance (hey, even though I’m not experiencing any now doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it! :))
-Watching people who know how to dance really dance
-Power naps!

That makes me happy.

Why am I so bad at not writing in this journal?

I think it’s because when I sit down I really don’t stay by this computer as much as I could, and as a result the whole “Oh, gee, LJ time” doesn’t come up so often.

Anywho. Life here is good. My ex-girlfriend and I have had our share of difficulties of late, but I have full confidence that it’s going to turn around for the good here sometime and have some sort of friendship – though how long it will last will be the question. I really pray for that though.

My first management test is tomorrow. I’m not too worried, just have to put the time in to study and look over my notes and I’ll be fine. I’ll come back and write to tell you how that went.

Last night was great. I had a friend over and her sister was visiting from her college, so we sat around and watched a movie. It was so much fun. We had to go to the freshman boy’s dorm and that wasn’t exactly a lot of fun… but then we just just relaxed. I need more Saturday nights like that.

Well, now it’s off to study Management… A+ muy bien!

Yeah, I’m writing again.

I have a few minutes, and I wanted to write again. I was feeling kinda down as the night began last night, but I took a walk, visited some friends, and watched Road To Perdition (which, I guess as movies go, isn’t entirely uplifting, but the social activity was great. I really am very much a people person at heart). I’m feeling sick with a sinus infection that’s guaranteed to happen once a year bet your bottom dollar around this time, but I fought it, got up, and am going to church, which makes me feel good. I haven’t gone to church since I left for school (which is only one Sunday, so I’m not that bad yet…). After I read some Management, I’m hoping Travis and I will work on a song. He’s had a headache the last couple days though, so I’m a little concerned. I might go visit some friends over on the girl’s side too. It’s a magical world, full of possibilites =).

Anyway, the time grows nigh for me to head on out. Catch you all later, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get on the schtick again.