I’m sorry I’ve been superficial of late…

…but I continue:

No ordinary person
full imagination and originality
shy and reserved
hungers for new experiences
sometimes nervous
many complexes
good memory
learns easily
complicated love life
wants to impress.


Today… today

Today marks the longest day I’ve ever had to work.

I came in at 6:30AM on Thursday.

I will leave at 1:30AM on Friday.

19 hours of American Standard. I get 2 hours or so to get cleaned up and ready to return.

Today I am an ironman.
I am invinicible.
I am a working demigod.

Just so everyone knows… :)

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Anyway, sorry it’s been awhile, I’ve been busy. This week is the last week I have to work before I go on shutdown, and, thankfully, a week off for vacation. I also start the 40 Days of Purpose Bible Study at church… in fact I’m leading, which makes me a little nervous, but you’ll have that.

In any case, I hope to hear from people soon, let me know how your lives are.


Goood Mooooooorning

I’ve done all of my looking over websites stuff, and now figured I’d just say hello and whatnot…

http://nugs.net/jack/020622_mp3.asp?artist=39&show=231&cmd=shows … if you like Jack Johnson, I HIGHLY recommend this site which features Jack’s music from a concert he did. There’s some of his old and new stuff, plus some covers. This is a great, great site.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the morning cleaning the apparatus that we’re place the teflon in. I’m not what I’ll be doing yet in the afternoon… but it’s bound to be a big time!!


Reviewing the converstaion with Sally Robling…

One of the things she said was I should consider 15 or so companies I’d like to market with. Things that I find interesting… that I love. I was thinking about it, I thought of a few thus far:

American Standard
Johnson and Johnson
General Mills
Blue Note Records
Grove City College

Anyway, it all really comes down to where God wants me to be and what he’s called me to do. Everything else is just details.

More work today. I’m beginning to miss a few of my friends and need to see them. I’m going to get on that this weekend hopefully.

Also, be in prayer for my friends Dave, Russell, Adam, April, and Lindsay. Thanks.


I learned something yesterday as I was relaxing after work. There is no way any person can make you indecisive. In fact, by saying that, you are inevitably proving that in fact you are indecisive on your own part. I think I tried for awhile to blame a lot of my indecisiveness a few months ago on Lindsay, but really, the most she could have been was a catalyst for my own lack of decisions. Oh well. Tell me what you think.

Peace outside!