day 20, fo’ real

Attibute this to Mr. Andrew Heffner, but I’ve gotten back into the kick of finding quality, yet obscure artists.  For awhile I was back in the hip-hop mode (the new Lupe Fiasco, new Jay-Z, Mark Ronson… although he’s more obscure right now), and then I was suggested LCD Soundsytem, Ane Brun (you were right, Al, I did like her a lot), and then decided to download Of Montreal’s new album “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” and fell upon this song, “Gronlandic Edit”.

Get this song and listen whilst you read the lyrics.  Read with and without a Christian Worldview.  I really like the beauty/pleasure motif.   The last lines are a siginificant answer to the questions the rest of the song poses.

This was a great little find this morning.

Gronlandic Edit
(The surrealists were just)
Nihilists with good imaginations

I am satisfied hiding in our friend’s apartment
Only leaving once a day to buy some groceries
Daylight, I’m so absent minded
Nighttime meeting new anxieties
So am I erasing myself?
Hope I’m not erasing myself

Guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god
But which one which one do I choose?
All the churches fill with losers, psycho or confused
I just want to hold the divine in mine
And forget all of the beauty’s wasted

Let’s fall back to earth and do something pleasant
We fell back to earth like gravity’s bitches
(Physics makes us all its bitches)

Guess it would be nice to help in your escape
From patterns your parents designed
All the party people dancing for the indie star
But he’s the worst faker by far
But in the set, I forget all of the beauty’s wasted

Guess it could be nice
Show me that things can be nice

You’ve got my back in the city
You’ve got my back, ’cause I don’t want to panic


day 19… sort of.

Erie 1.30.2007Alright. So this is hard. And I don’t want to put crap up here, so it’s even harder. But three of the more important women in my life have all at some point this week say “hey, you really need to get back on your blogging kick”

You all win. I’ll get back into the swing of things. I have some things I want to talk about.

But, for tonight, I’ll leave you a picture. I got a new camera this Saturday, and have been going crazy with it. I took this picture tonight.



day 13

…and it seems appropriate to have something a little more, oh… triskadecaphilic (if that’s a word.  If not, it is now!)

The band Radiohead has been one I progressive enjoy more and more and really appreciate, as much for their ability to balance electronics with acoustics (they might very well be the band who does it the best).

Anyway, I probably was first introduced to them with OK Computer, one of their mid-career (thus far) albums, released in 1999.  Half way through, there’s this song called “Fitter Happier”.  Done over a haunting piano melody, Thom Yorke typed these words below into a Mac and the result is the overly-computerized voice akin to Stephen Hawking (which, I read, people actually mistook this voice for his).

I love this song because it’s a portrayal of the human condition, constantly striving to make due on themselves.  This empty feeling (which is so wonderfully captured in the song), is evident.  Which, the way a look at it, without my faith I would be rather machinistic.

Why is it triskadecaphilic?  Well, it’s a creepy song if you’ve heard it.

Fitter, happier, more productive,
not drinking too much,
regular exercise at the gym
(3 days a week),
getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries,
at ease,
eating well
(no more microwave dinners and saturated fats),
a patient better driver,
a safer car
(baby smiling in back seat),
sleeping well
(no bad dreams),
no paranoia,
careful to all animals
(never washing spiders down the plughole),
keep in contact with old friends
(enjoy a drink now and then),
will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in the wall),
favors for favors,
fond but not in love,
charity standing orders,
on Sundays ring road supermarket
(no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants),
car wash
(also on Sundays),
no longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows
nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,
nothing so childish – at a better pace,
slower and more calculated,
no chance of escape,
now self-employed,
concerned (but powerless),
an empowered and informed member of society
(pragmatism not idealism),
will not cry in public,
less chance of illness,
tires that grip in the wet
(shot of baby strapped in back seat),
a good memory,
still cries at a good film,
still kisses with saliva,
no longer empty and frantic like a cat tied to a stick,
that’s driven into frozen winter s—
(the ability to laugh at weakness),
healthier and more productive
a pig in a cage on antibiotics.

day 12

Here’s something from my devotions this morning. This could be filed under “the inner groanings of Adam Anderson that someone else caputred fantasticly”

Every morning at 6:45 I go to the small convent of the Carmelite Sisters for an hour of prayer and meditation. I say “every morning,” but there are exceptions. Fatigue, busyness, and preoccupations often serve as arguments for not going. Yet without this one hour a day for God, my life loses its coherency and I start experiencing my days as a series of random incidents and accidents.

My hour in the Carmelite chapel is more imporant that I can fully know myself. It is not an hour of deep prayer, nor a time in whihc I experience a special closeness to God; it is not a period of serious attentiveness to the divine mysteries. I wish it were! On the contrary, it is full of distractions, inner restlessness, sleepiness, confusion, and boredom. It seldom, if ever, pleases my senses. But the simple fact of being for one hour in the presence of the Lord and of showing him all that I feel, think, sense, and experience, without trying to hide anything, must please him.

– Henri J.M. Nouwen

I so often feel the lack of coherency when I don’t pray every day. And if Henri Nouwen feels the same way, well, then, I guess I don’t have to feel so wierd about it.


day 11

I’m not feeling so well.  Just dragging.  It’s the same thing going around with everyone.

Anyway… so what will I do?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’m going to find something to eat, and then I’ll take some Nyquil and sleep.


day 10

So entry 500 was the last entry.  And it’s really wonderfully symbolic of the type of person I aspire to be.  My #500 blog entry was of little pomp and circumstance, just a simple entry where I had a good, insightful conversation with someone else.

I want to serve.  I want to love.  I want to do that with little attention drawn to myself.

The irony is I’m telling the average 35 people who read this daily that, but let’s keep it between us.

Or, even better, the second I start believing I’m something I’m not, feel free to comment here or via cell phone, email, or my face.

May the peace of Christ be with you today and always.