Christmas entry

Merry Christmas. 🙂

Life is good. I had such a nice time being with family and enjoying their company. There is something so nice about just spending time with the people you love and really care about. And I agree completely with what Clint said: if people acted all year ’round the way they did during the holidays, life would be so much better. It’s like everyone feels obligated to love people – but just for Christmas. If we loved everyday, it would feel this way all the time… or something like that.

I got a lot of stuff for being a grown-up – cookbooks and pots and pans, along with some fix-it books and some sweet clothes. Also, something unusual is that I got a lot more money than usual. Typically I may get $60 or so, but this year I’ll top out at nearly $200. I think it’s because people just didn’t know what to buy anyone, so it was just easier to pack a few bucks in the envelope. Not to say it’s a bad thing at all.

So now I’ll spend from now until I go back reading for Civ Lit, talking to various people, and thinking about life in general. I think about next semester, and I’m just so excited about the possiblities – all this new and wonderful things are just falling in front of me, and some of the old things of life are culminating into this last semester at Grove City. I want it to be the best one yet. And I think more importantly, I want to help others be excited about this semester, too. I want to be happy – I want to be someone people enjoy being around and doing things with. I think too much of our lives we spend just being upset and downtrodden – thinking too much about things we don’t know about or can’t control, when there is so much joy and love in the little things – the stupid conversations we have about nothing in the hall. The staying up way too late to watch LOTR. Going out to look at Christmas lights with someone. There’s something special in everything, and we all have to stop worrying so much about the big picture, and love what God gives us.

My New Year’s Resolution: To micromanage happiness.



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