hey all

I’m relaxing here at the end of another wonderful day of classes here. I’m really liking this intercession schtick. I get up at a half decent time, eat breakfast, watch the news, shower, and get ready. I spend time with friends and everything, but mostly I read. And it’s not bad. Class is fantastic, though. 4 hours of listening to Dr. Potter and discussing books and what they mean. There are two different types of English profs – those who ask you how you feel, and those who tell you how to feel. Dr. Potter is in the former category, but he also has this fabulous didactic quality to him and an ability to phrase himself profoundly. I find myself more intrigued by his inflections and verbiage than by the analysis he provides. I’m in there with some great people too: Andy Lucas, Chris Schwartz, Russel, Natalie, and Dave – so I certainly don’t feel alone at all.

I made dinner tonight. That was a lot of fun. I’m finding such great contentment in doing simple things with people I really enjoy spending time with – and to me, that’s a fantastic way to live (for once, I’ve kept a New Year’s Resolution longer than the time it took to figure what it is).

Also, in a moment of pure self-indulgence, I bought myself a Pino Cotton towel – extra large. So if any of you see me tomorrow morning with a certain twinkle in my eye and looking especially dry and content, you shall know why.

Tomorrow is wrapping up Paradise Lost and reviewing paper proposals. I have to study for my midterm on Friday and read the first part of Pilgrim’s Progress. This weekend will comprise of making food, cleaning the apartment for Erik’s return, and wonderful things with certain folks. Also, did I say writing an essay? Whoop whoop.

Goodnight, fair morrow, pnl.


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